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Új Calculus Ltd. and other Hungarian companies as the member of Software Innovation Pole Cluster established SCM 2009 Supply Chain Monitoring Ltd. This R&D company develops frame system and sector specific applications for monitoring supply chains with data warehouse technology, statistical methods and artificial intelligence support.

As a result of this GOP-2009-1.2.1 project a complete solution will have been developed by 2013 which consists of a frame system, sector specific subsystems and an analytic subsystem for data handling, statistics, data mining and artificial intelligence.

SCM project aims at the following sectors:

  • commerce of food industry products
  • commerce of tourism services
  • agriculture, plant cultivation and distribution
  • animal keeping, processing and healthcare
  • manufacturing, commerce of products which have unique specification

The subsystems communicate with each other via standard data interfaces. Not only data transmission is realized, but also data understanding is possible based on the meta information system - which is invisible to users - and the applied data warehouse technology.

The product will be available as an end-user application and as a service (SaaS) too.