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As a member of the Microsoft Partner Network our company provides multiple customized solutions based on modern .NET technologies. Our agile methods help rapid adaptation to our customers’ wishes in various points of the development timeline, serving our partners’ greater satisfaction. Our company is prominent in adapting new technologies.


Desktop applications

A rich, interactive user experience greatly helps everyday tasks. Our desktop solutions build heavily on the mature and widely-used WinForms platform, which gives a familiar, clear user interface to our applications. Furthermore our products build on the more modern Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), which simplifies building more complex layouts, charts and diagrams.


Web-based technologies

Apart from desktop applications we put great emphasis on web-based solutions available to a wider audience. Our ASP.NET applications need no installation on client computers, thus are accessible from nearly anywhere: only a browser is required for their use. ASP.NET helps cross the stateless nature of the web, thus leading to a fluent user experience, further improved by AJAX extensions.

In addition we utilize the Silverlight platform, which brings the desktop experience closer to the web by providing near-desktop level rich functionality in the browser.


Data access technologies

Our solutions mostly build on the Microsoft SQL Server product family. During development we aim for compatibility with the free of charge Express editions of SQL Server, thus our customers need not purchase an expensive license to utilize our products. Even if growing requirements justify it, our products can be seamlessly scaled to utilize a higher edition of SQL Server in line with our partners’ needs.

For data access and data modeling we build on Microsoft’s Linq to SQL and ADO.NET Entity Framework (EF) technologies. EF plays a key part in rapid application development by greatly accelerating the development of data manipulation functionality and the quick realization of our customers’ new wishes.


Data services

Our products are designed with a high interoperability requirement in mind, therefore we rely heavily on the Windows Communication Foundation (WCF). By building on WCF or products can be configured – without the need for contribution from our developers – to provide endpoints for communication with third-party solutions via several standardized protocols including WS-*/SOAP messaging and JSON.